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We view hospitality as the art of relationship-building to drive purpose, performance and people engagement. We are mindful of the need to embrace technology to allow for work efficiency. Our goal is to foster an understanding of the power of emotional intelligence in all our programs. We take our partners on a  journey back to the roots of genuine hospitality through self-awareness, which then translates to positive outcomes.

We drive an inclusive and creative environment where strength is knowledge. Our team are known as ‘inspirers’: we are a collaboration built on experience and friendship coming together to create meaningful outcomes in learning for our partners. We understand the struggles and expectations of this industry because we have been there. We believe it takes an experienced hotelier to train a hotelier.

People drive experiences, which are remembered and told through stories. We train concepts through storytelling and action-based training, where lessons are put into practice using realistic scenarios. We inspire both seasoned and new generation in the industry to unleash their innate qualities and drive performance in all areas of your business.



Our team of Inspirers are the core of our success and come with a wealth of experience in hotels. We understand what it means to be in the hospitality business and the challenges you face and the goals that need to be driven. We help you drive impact, offer solutions whilst aligning them to your brand identity. Connect with us and see what we can do for you.

Inspiring solutions at a glance

EQ RevClimber

Increase your reservation conversion

RevClimber inspires your reservations team to engage your guest early on. We aren’t just order takers but memory makers. The first impression counts. In this training, the team will learn different methods of the sale process, cross-selling and see how we can develop engagement on the phone and who knows the guest may want to put a name to a face on arrival.

EQ Room RevUp

Driving incremental rooms revenue

It is inspiring your team to sell with a purpose.  Incremental revenue contribution from the front office becomes an expectation in the industry. Why not make it fun? Get creative on cross-selling and attribute base selling. We change the team’s perspective in their approach to selling giving them confidence to make a difference. Monetary incentive is not the only key motivator. We help drive intrinsic motivation helping your team understand the guest cycle in increasing both guest compliment and selling conversions, so they feel a sense of accomplishment.


EQ Service Culture

Uniting your team

A bespoke service culture transformation program to bring your brand to life.   Aim to create or enhance different service touch points in your organization. Partnering with you and aligning your brand vision and then turning it into a tangible experience. Service with a purpose

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